I am Edie Sedgwick and this is my little corner of the web.
A room of my own where I gather my thoughts and explore my aesthetic.

I am playing a show here next Tuesday, 09.11.07. My drummer of choice is unavailable—thus, I will be forced to play the drums myself. This is an obstacle—I do not know how to play the drums or any other instrument, and have to digest the whole history/art/idea of percussion in the next seven days—but not an insurmountable one. I mourn our nation’s current drummer drought. Of course, any yo-yo can play the drums. However, to play the drums well—tastefully, with attention, and without playing a bunch of stupid jackoff fills—is no easy task. If you are a drummer who is tasteful, attentive, and does not play a bunch of stupid jackoff fills, please contact me. Women preferred.

I watched The Painted Veil (2006) starring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts on DVD last night. Like Superbad (see 09.02.07), this film was anti-feminist and conservative. I think The Painted Veil is about the transcendent power of marriage. Perhaps Moonies will appreciate this: Naomi Watts follows Edward Norton to a Chinese cholera zone to salvage their loveless marriage. There, they find love, but Norton dies of cholera. Maybe they should have stayed out of the cholera zone—loveless and un-transcendent, but alive.

I guess I spoiled The Painted Veil for anyone who hasn’t seen it by revealing the ending. Trust me—if you are interested in China, marriage, or cholera, this movie’s still worth a look.

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