I am Edie Sedgwick and this is my little corner of the web.
A room of my own where I gather my thoughts and explore my aesthetic.

I played this dyke bar last night. All dykes present were friendly and accommodating. All biologically male customers are required to have a female escort. I was assured this rule would be waved if I wanted to visit in the future and was taught a “secret handshake” to guarantee entry. Because this “secret handshake” is classified (and obscene), I cannot describe it further here.

I watched Patton (1970) on the American Movie Channel today. George C. Scott won Best Actor in the title role, but refused to accept the award. “The Oscars are a meat parade!” C. Scott exclaimed. I wondered if George C. Scott had participated in a “tobacco parade” before filming Patton. His teeth look quite nicotine-stained.

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