Edie Sedgwick records and/or mixes her own music and/or the music of others for reasonable rates at Studio 1654 in Washington, DC. For more information, contact her.

Past projects include the Cornel West Theory, Laughing Man, Authorization, Aaron Thompson, the Points, the Cheniers, Last Tide, SPRCSS, America Hearts, Protect-U, Lenorable, Hume, and her own records.

Gear includes:

Pro Tools 7
Digi 002
Behringer ADA8000
Apple IMac G5
Mackie 1604 VLZ 16-channel mixing board
Reason 3.0
Rhode NT2, CAD, D12, Crown small diaphragm condenser, Nady RSM-2 ribbon, SM47, SM57, and SM58 mics
Joe Meek SC2 V1.05 compressor
DBX 166XL compressor
KRK V8 monitors
Vintage 70s Ludwig champagne sparkle 4-piece drumkit
Sunn Concert bass amp
Assorted Fender basses
Fender Super Reverb guitar amp
Fender G&L guitar
Johnson brass body acoustic guitar
Korg Monopoly analog synth
Korg BX-3 organ
Upright piano
Tascam 388 1/4-inch 8-track tape machine